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. an overnight investigation continues after a stabbing in and hose, the extreme measures the suspect used to attack the victim. and we will have extreme temperatures towards the end of the week and we will get to that. and san francisco intersection they are using extreme measures to keeping
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pedestrians safe. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you welcome to a brand-new day, it is january 7th, what year? >> 2013. >> i am dave clark. >> good morning, some people think it is unlucky, but i am not buying into that. >> it's good to be optimistic. >> i agree. >> unless you are dealing with a lot of fog and you can be pest mystic but a lot of high clouds to near 60s. here is sal. it is busier already coming through berkeley and out to the oakland area and when you get to the toll plaza it is not busy just yet and everything looks good on 101 coming to the downtown area. let's go back to the desk. a search continues for a san francisco man accused of
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dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. alex savage has more in san francisco with what family members are saying about this attack, good morning, alex. >> reporter: they say it was an argument about laundry which prompted the attack. the victim in this case is a mother of three and remains hospitalized with severe burns to her face and chest. police are still searching for that woman's boyfriend and they want you to watch for dexter oliver. he is wanted for this attack.  he is still on the run according to the police i spoke to a time ago. it happened in the bay view district and police say oliver used gas from one of the cancers at the couple's homes and he put it into a can and doused her girlfriend and set
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her on fire. relatives say the victim is 25- year-old star lamar. her sister said the couple did fight a lot but she wants to know why. >> he should turn himself in and i want to know why he did this to my sister and my sister will make a full recovery because she is strong and she has been through so much. >> reporter: the victim's sister said the fight began at a lawn matt and the victim wanted to leave their clothes at the lawn matt -- laudromat and when he didn't want to do that he filled a can up with gasoline and came down doused her and set her on fire. the man is known as dexter oliver. they have a unique description.
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he has a fish design on one side of his head and a lightning bolt on the other side. the victim was taken to a burn center where she is being treated with life-threatening injuries although her family does believe she will recover. a man was stabbed an injured in san jose and police are serving for suspects. it happened this morning when a man was sitting in his car and a man drove up broke his car window and stabbed him twice. he was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and police believe it was gang related. the investigation goes on this morning. it started on luminous drive at 6:30 last night.
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firefighters put out the fire last night and everybody escaped safely but there was major damage to that house. >> a special red light camera at one of san francisco's most dangerous intersection. it is the old site for the central freeway. often they are hit by drivers making right turns off market streets. there will soon be a camera there to catch drivers making illegal right turns and we are not sure when that new camera will be installed. the san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of robbing a bank is due back at 9:00 this morning. they will review the charges of the man who robbed a bank in november. he had filed for bankruptcy in
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november. former l.a. police chief will help reshape the police department here in oakland but it is not going to be cheap. according to the department, they will pay $250,000 a year when he joins the operation next month. that salary is in addition to the 100,000 they are paying an associate of bill's and the new contract is set to go before the council for approval. top pry 0 orty -- priority public staffing. they are trying to get safety underway and this man has been on the oakland school board for 20 years. and lynette gibson who is an affordable housing advocate. in just a few hours, president barack obama will
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announce he is nominating defense augustel and why some members are now opposed to his nomination. at the same time, the president will nominate the new homeland security to secretary of state. he considered nominating him four years ago but he was criticized after being accused of controversial interrogation techniques. they will meet wednesday on the new labor deal which will end the 113 day lock out. a new deal has to be ratified and after a 16 hour negotiating session an agreement had been reached. that was welcomed news for bars and restaurant near the hp pavilion who says they have
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been suffering without the san jose sharks. >> it will be less than what it should be but we will take something over nothing. >> they sent out a memo saying january 19th was the best date. but if we move quickly it could happen january 15thth. to talk more about the possible lock out, go to our website and click on the lock out tab. 6:08 is the time, businesses included, they are welcoming fans back. >> you saw that bar keep there, he is probably happy. let's look at what we have, traffic is moving closely and remember last week, we didn't see a lot of this but i think
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it is around the state and it is back to normal and we are backed up for a 5 to 10 minute delay and the metering lights are not on but they may go on taking a look at this traffic. there is an auto accident and police are doing an investigation and it is a busy interchange right near 238. it looks like they might be looking for something and it's an ununincorporated area. it does look like hayward police so we will get to the bottom of that. let's look at san jose northbound 101 on 285 that traffic is moving well. let's go to steve. we have livermore, napa, san jose, already reporting morning clouds and it is a dry forecast and turning colder.
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late wednesday night into thursday, it does not brooks laich a wet pattern. temperatures drops to the dew point and that is getting thicker and thicker and it should start to burn off. a lot of these high clouds are spilling over and most of the energy is staying to the north. i have seen a lot of temperatures around antioch and brentwood anywhere from 38 to 47 so take your pick. the city has 44 but there is fog reported in san francisco and there is fog all over the place and we will have to deal with that. there is a little bit of light snow near the oregon border but dashboarder but for us, more so tomorrow and then we will go right down and big time cooling comes in on friday. a bit of a damp cold and most locations will stay calm.
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50s on the temperatures a few mid-to-upper 60s to morgan hill gilroy and it will be warmer on tuesday and we start to see mid- week transition, and we could see a few flash and -- splash and -- showers. breezy cooler mornings, especially sunday. he is in north korea right now and why they are not happy.$♪. >> marines weigh in on their interest in combat duty. plus a new company that lets you share somebody else's dog if you can't have one of your own. [ crickets chirping ]
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this morning google's chairman is in north korea and he is part of a private group talking with political and military leaders there. now they left beijing earlier and arrived overnight at their destination. the tour is only gathering information according to bill richardson and they have criticized the trip saying it is unhelpful to the u.s. right now. interviews with a dozen female soldiers and marines have very little interest in
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signing up for combat actuality. they had no interest on being on the frontline and should be opened to female troops and some are upset when it comes to higher ranges in the military. president barack obama wants to higher a former senator for his secretary of defense. some of the members of the republican party do not like this. here is more. >> reporter: dave, chuck hagel served before serving in congress and the white house says hagel is qualified to wind down the war and make budget decisions which include cuts and support for returning veterans. he served in an 96 and 2009 and
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was outspeak spoken for the latest. he went against many when he criticized the iraq war. many have voiced concerns about his stance on the iraq war and israel. >> israel must negotiate with hamas a terrorist group against israel... >> reporter: even with some on six from both parties, hagel could win senate approval and what lawmakers are saying about a confirmation hearing when i see you next. carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. a shooting killed 6 people and severally injured former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. [ music ] >> an enter faith prayer
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service was held for many including ron barber. the memorial foundation is being started in member runs of that -- rememberance of that tragedy. the deadly shooting in aurora, which happened during that deadly movie theater massacre, that story is coming up at 6:45. in just a few hours, they will go to the lawmakers for new state regulations for ammunition sales. nancy skinner has written regulations to create stricter standards for ammunition sales. it will require them and will report all sales to the state department of justice.
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the cable channel has been sold to al jazeer and he said he had a wonderful time but he said it started with the founder al gore, not al jazeer. he said it had been bought for 500 and wanted to focus on international news. a four month effort in san francisco to get drinkers into programs, the city has been targeting the mostly homeless and charging them with jail time for public drunkenness. it cost the city more than $20 million in medical services. they say they do not have the authority to charge them with
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cop tell of court. this allows you to share pets. it is is nonprofit organization where dog owners can trade walking and eating and dog sitting duties. it allows people who don't have a dog to share somebody else's. so far many people have signed up in san francisco. let's check in with sal for the commute, how is it looking, sal? >> it looks good but there is one troubled spot on mission boulevard, a pedestrian was hit by a car and this is an unincorporated area and lot of people of it, chp has been handling the area and they are doing quite an extensive investigation. the person hit by the car has been taken to the hospital and it may be clearing up now and
6:21 am
officers are now walking back to their cars. very busy but again, mission boulevard and chp is doing the investigation. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. traffic is backed up beyond the 880 crossing. also this morning looking at the south bay, we are beginning to look at 101 and 17. not a lot of fog showing up all the way to san jose and east bay and i have had a couple of reports in the city and some of that fog will thicken up and we have a lot of high clouds and even though it is a dry day will give us a partly cloudy skies day. he is learnly to the north. if you would that fog, is it went under 32 and you can see the system from the area has
6:22 am
accelerated. and in fact it looks like a quiet rain pattern and we have 50s a near 60 -- 50s to 0 near 60s and berkeley and alameda is in there and saratoga will be 5098 which is 2 degrees cooler than yesterday, no, it is really ever 9 in saratoga. and -- 59 in saratoga. warmer tomorrow and here comes that cold air, maybe a few degrees and the weekend is looking good, looking good but warmer days coming. and movies such as less
6:23 am
miserables will be available in 2022. it includes may have visit on hbo and it faces net flicks with signed a deal to stop with movies in 2016. >> and they chased bilbo bag begins from the -- billow baggins and it was followed by another violent film unchained the hobbit, less miserables and it all rounded out the top 5. some concern, a big chunk of earth will come real close to earth next month.
6:24 am
i had rescuers searching and what officers still need to know in their investigation.
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. welcome back. an asteroid that will get close to earth could cause communications problems. it will be about 28,000 miles from us and it's close enough to pass some of the satellites that orbit our earth and some good telescopes may be able to catch a good glimpse of it. they want that know what led up to a woman who crash into upon. it happened on state highway 8 -- into a pond. it happened on state highway 85. she hit a curb and landed in the water and it took them more than 45 minutes to find her and by the time they did it was too late. they are investigating if the car had mechanical problems which led up to that crash and they will also check if she had a medical emergency. and in the bay area, they plan to start flying the 787
6:28 am
dreamliner this friday. it hopes to end pan that actual one week of super. a lot of people are back to work after some people are back to work after the holidays. >> that is right, pam, we will start this time in the south bay. santa clara valley, you can still jump ahead of the crowd although we see people coming in on 280 interchange. also this morning, southbound 680 but westbound 580 getting slowed traffic on the pass. 30s and 40s for temperatures and that fog will increase until about 9:00 and a couple of freezing and 30s and 40 in the area and high
6:29 am
clouds will continue to spell over and -- spillover and it might be a little tough to get sun but we will have more changes coming up in the next few minutes. 49ers are preparing to host the green bay packers why you may have trouble getting tickets when they go on sale this morning. a man is hospitalized while being attacked while sitting in his car. you will hear from his best friend and you will here the latest from police. jack!
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what happened? me and jason came back with drinks and all 20 nuggets were gone. we got nugged. there was a nugging. this guy just came running up... dip! dip! dip! shoveling 'em into his face! give me your nuggets- -we're like "no! save some for our boyfriends!"
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need more nuggets? jack's crispy, all-white meat chicken nuggets come with a choice of seven awesome sauces. an order of 20 is only $4.99 we should probably call the cops. i'll just get you more nuggets. no, thanks, i'm stuffed. . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the new york stock exchange looks a little different and they are ringing from veil colorado and they of course own
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a lost resorts, one is in kirkwood here in our neck of the woods and i am dying to go skiing they are just right in our face. it looks like a pretty good thing. we will smile and say good morning to you channel 3, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. time now 6:30. a man was stabbed an injured in san jose and police right now are searching for suspects. janine de la vega is there right now and just spoke to a friend of the victim who was there when it happened. >> reporter: that is right and that friend said he was attacked too and this all happened at this apartment complex. she said her friends were drinking when two men drove up
6:33 am
and asked if they were in a gang. you can see the broken glass from the attack that followed. the man was sitting in his car near his apartment when another vehicle pulled up. officers say the person in that vehicle broke the victim's window and stabbed him twice. several people heard all the breaking glass and the other victim was in the back and was hit on the soldier and he describes what happened. >> he broke the glass and grabbed it again and my friend tried to cover himself and wanted to like protect himself but it was a sharp knife just slicing him up. >> reporter: the man was rushed to the hospital suffering from non-life threatening injuries and officers have been gathering witnesses and talk --
6:34 am
gathering evidence and talking to witnesses. they do believe it is gang related and talking to their friends, they say none of them are in a gang and do not want any trouble. so far there have been no arrestss from this case. a manhunt is a used of setting his girlfriend on fire. here is what apparently sparked this violence and here is more on who police say is responsible. >> reporter: they say this couple did have their share of fights but never expected anything like this would happen. this was a heated argument over laundry that apparently prompted the attack. the mother of three had several
6:35 am
burns to her face and chest. her name is star lamar and police describe her injuries as life-threatening. police are trying to track down her boyfriend, dexter oliver. he is accused of dousing the woman in gasoline and setting her on fire in the middle of the street. the attack happened at noon in the bay view district police say oliver used gas from one of the canisters from the couple's home. this fight happened at the laudromat. >> he didn't want to leave the clothes there and she does it all the time and the boyfriend went back to the home and got the can of gasoline. >> reporter: according to a san francisco police officer, no
6:36 am
arrests have been made yet meaning dexter oliver remains on the run. they say he has a noon next -- unique airport and if you spot him but in that call to san jose police. police in san jose are searching for the city's first homicide of 2013. the body of a man was found outside in tripoli avenue. neighbors heard an argument and then shots and then they heard a car seat speeding away -- speeding away. so far no word on possible suspects. a girl is recovering this morning, she was with a group of friends and she is listed in stable condition and no word on
6:37 am
a motive. and hillary rodham clinton was released from the hospital last wednesday. she was admitted back on december 30th after doctors discovered the blood clot while following up on a concussion she suffered earlier in december. hillary rodham clinton's first week back will be a busy one and she will participate in events with ahmed wali karzai coming to washington on friday. also getting back to work at the state capital, at 5:00 the new make up for the state assembly which could have new impacts on the state assembly laws that are approved. and crimson tide, number one ranked plays alabama and they will be trying to claim their third national championship and they will win
6:38 am
back to back titles. they were not even ranked at the start of this season. meantime. san francisco 49ers fans are trying to get their hands on the big tickets. in just a couple of hours from now, tickets for the packers go on sale. brian flores has more on why those tickets will be hard to get, around they -- aren't they brian? >> they sure are and if you are a 49ers and if you are definitely going to be upset. it was just an amazing game between two rivals and packers. they, they will be hard to come a by and they didn't say how many but just a limited amount. if you are hoping to get those tickets make sure you have a strong internet connection because the only way you can
6:39 am
get those tickets is through ticketmaster. if that does not work out you can search the ticket exchange but you may run the risk of getting counterfeit money tickets so be careful. last year, season ticket holders hold more challenges. we just heard as well, tickets are expected to go between hundred dollars and $300 and we will be airing this live on saturday. brian flores at candle stick park ktvu channel 2 morning news. 49ers play friday and saturday and if you don't have tickets, watch the game right
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here on ktvu channel 2 morning ktvu channel 2. we will look at the commute this morning, sal? we are looking at traffic that certainly picked up from last week and we will go right to the toll plaza and show you it is backed up all the way -- almost all the way to the mcarthur maze and it is not like last week. last week what happened is we had back up and it disappeared by 7:00. there is a look at northbound 880 southbound and i just got a tweet from antioch to concord. there is a little bit of a build up but nothing major.
6:41 am
northbound 101 is slow approaching the 280 interchange and steve you were on twitter, correct? >> we were just discussing that. most of the information coming in is either fog or cold and temperatures are starting off in the 30s and 40s and we have a lot of high clouds coming in and starting wednesday we'll see a system drop down from the north and it will settle and turn us much colder and we have a north wind which looks quiet and maybe sunny and warmer as we head to the biggest part of the day. 37 san jose, very foggy by san jose state. anywhere from san jose, most of it is staying to the north but
6:42 am
there could be light rain north of cape mendocino. 30s and 40s in the morning, 40 to 62 on the highs and the fog is being replaced with a lot of high clouds and temperatures will warm up and really take a tumble as we head towards saturday and sunday. not much a breeze, it might pick up later but it is cooler but it is a little warmer towards santa cruz valley. 150 he is on the -- 50s and there are some big ditches on -- differences on the lows, warmer on tuesday here comes that cold surge on thursday and we could have a few showers
6:43 am
more likely it will be cold and it looks to be a sunny but breezy weekend. more details are expected today about a serial killer case in san walk walk county, and the information we may get from the fbi about thiscase. one of the most dangerous intersections tee signed to make it safer. it looks like it is beginning to slow down coming into concord and we will have more coming up, stay tuned. a
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6:46 am
. breaking news, a warehouse fire in berkeley and we are not sure what the specific street is but this is on the east side of interstate 80 in the warehouse district there and we are trying to get more information and again this is coming in as reported from the berkeley fire department and smoke was seen and we will have more coming up on this story. coming up at 6:45 san jose is investigating an overnight
6:47 am
stabbing. according to police a man was in front of his apartment when another man drove up smashed his car window and tabbed his twice and police believe it was gang related. a man is accused on hitting her on fire. she has life-threatening burns. and at 10:00, president barack obama will nominate chuck hagel as his new secretary of defense and some are opposing him saying he is anti-israel. many get back to work with the new democratic super majority in both houses. the session began as the new legislature was sworn in and recessed for the holidays. in both houses they can pass legislation including new taxes
6:48 am
without republican's votes. they have a green light in one of san francisco's most dangerous street corners. tara moriarty joins us from that market in octavia, tara? >> reporter: right behind me there is a no turn sign and there is a $250 fine sign and there continue to be accidents here. now the city has waved the way at octavia and market streets here and they have fought for them for years and this is one of the mother dangerous areas making right and turns off packets for years. >> how would you feel in. >> well, it may be safer but those red light cameras are not
6:49 am
going to save your life. >> reporter: in 2010 there were a dozen injury accidents and legislation was vetoed and governor arnold schwarzenegger said it was unnecessary. they cited safety concerns and did pass it over to pamela harris. last week pamela harris gave the green light and now they will figure out how to fund the cameras and put it out to bid and we will have an idea of when those cameras will be going in. later the fbi is expected to tell us if new human remains have been found in san walk walk -- san joaquin county. the serial killer gave a map to that site. he and his friend who died last year killed as many as 20
6:50 am
people back in the '80s and '0 90s. the man accused of the massacre charged with killing 20 people and injuring 12 others in denver last year is expected in court and they will making their first public statement -- public statements. we do have breaking news on that warehouse fire. sal has more information on it. that's right it is in berkeley and we do see smoke and flame rising from this area and we did get several calls of smoke rising from the area and they are too busy but we will get you more information as it
6:51 am
becomes available -- available. it is packed up to the maze as you drive through. we also have a look at the commute in san jose and northbound 101 on tully road on the side no injuries there and we have some other stuff coming up and we will let you know in our next report. 6:41 let's go to steve. there is a lot of fog around in the inland areas and around the bay and be careful because it is truly difficult. there is just two more and it will not change much and it will be tough to burn from the valley and it is already exit stage right. high pressure tomorrow will give us a warmer day and it is
6:52 am
a warmer pattern into about maybe wednesday but more likely tuesday but a much colder pattern drops in friday. there will be a lot of combed air coming in later in the week. high clouds 50s on the temperatures 60 morgan hill, freemont 57 -- fremont 57 and coming in much colder thursday and friday, mornings are cold and the days will be warmer. united airlines is trying to push the first price hike and so far they have matched those increase so the fares could be followed back. the price for office space has increased 2012 an that is the
6:53 am
biggest in motorcyclist cities and it is sliding as the job market remains weak. the fatal accident on interstate 880, who the victim was and what he did right after his car crashed, we will explain. plus looking at new technology that could soon be coming to a road near you and we will have more on what will be unveiled at the new electronics' show. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations,
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online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. learn more at hit a landmine when i came here, i couldn't move. [male announce david was broadsided on the highway.
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they weren't very hopeful that he would survive at all. [male announce their traumatic brain injuries have yet to heal. the way i describe it is you're just afraid. am i going to start forgetting things? [male announce tbi is as serious as any battlefield injury. thankfully va has made important advancements in tbi so if you think you or a veteran you know has sustained
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. good morning, welcome back. nasdaq and s&p 500 are down across the board, they are all down about a half of a percent. there is concern about earnings coming up. and two men are due in court charged with the deadly shootings of two teenage girls in oakland. 19-year-old antonio edwards is expected to enter a plea. he shot and killed 19-year-old rock kill and bobby in november. edwards is being charged as an accessory to murder. they still have not told us about a possible motive but the suspects did know the victims.
6:57 am
a hearing to be held are me to stand trial. in november one goh's defense lawyer said he was not competent to stand trial on the oikos university shootings. the man has been identified as 44-year-old david in san leandro. he crashed near the high street exit at 7:45 last night, he then got out of his car tried to run across four lanes of traffic and was hit by two cars. they stopped to help him but the cause of the original crash is being investigated. >> it started at a huge fire in
6:58 am
fresno. they are used to carry special education kids that class. the fire damaged several and damaged others and they are indicating the -- they say the fire was an accident and not arson. electronics do not officially begin until tomorrow but we will get some information on what will be displayed. toyota and audi are expected to show off their new driverless cars. here is a modified lx hybrid. it uses laser cameras in order to find other cars on the road and safely find others on the road. covering traffic, there was
6:59 am
information which was actually a steam pipe which several callers said it looked like a fire and it turned out to be just steam and they are not sure if it burst or not. but that is what is going on so fortunately it is not a fire, it's just some steam coming from this area and several people called us saying hey, what is going on but berkeley fire assures us, it's not a fire. let's look at northbound 101 on the 880 interchange you will see some slow traffic there. let's go to steve. there is high clouds and definitely some fog and he will end up partly sunny skies and park partly cloudy skies. and woman set on fire in san francisco and the man who did it is still on the run this morning. a serious accident is involving a woman crossing the

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